„Schiller Institute“-Bericht: Extending the New Silk Road to West Asia and Africa

„Schiller Institute“-Bericht: Extending the New Silk Road to West Asia and Africa

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A Vision of an Economic Renaissance

254 pages, in color


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Are you ready for the coming economic renaissance in Africa and West Asia? Stay ahead of the curve with the the Schiller Institute’s new ground breaking report, Extending the New Silk Road to West Asia and Africa, which will challenge everything you think you know about Africa.

The world has changed. Africa is now neither a “lost” nor a “hopeless” continent; and West Asia is not fated to suffer unceasing religious conflict. Rather, the combined region of Africa and West Asia stands to see the world’s greatest economic gains over the next two generations, and the evolving financial and strategic situation there sharply encapsulates the change in paradigm now dawning in the world.

This report, by Hussein Askary and Jason Ross, takes up the tremendous changes already underway, and the thinking required to fully unlock the region’s immense potential. If you want to know how to create a worldwide economic renaissance, this report is for you!



  • A New Global Paradigm
  • China’s Role in the Economic Renaissance of West Asia and Africa
  • What is Win-Win Philosophy?
  • The Age of Mega-Projects Is Back
  • Redefining ‘Sustainable Development’
    • ‘Helping’ or Empowering Africa?
  • The African Union Aims High
  • Africa Must Leap Ahead, Not Crawl Forward!

Chapter 1: West Asia: The Silk Road’s Crossroads to the Mediterranean and Africa

  • Egypt: A Bridge between Asia, Europe and Africa

Chapter 2: The Silk Road Reaches Africa

  • China in Africa: Myths or Facts
  • Europe, not China, Is Engaged in Land Grabbing in Africa
  • Defining an African Future

Chapter 3: The Economic Science Behind the World Land-Bridge

  • What is Infrastructure, Really?
  • Economics: The Ultimate Science
  • Platforms: Artificial Environments
  • Energy Flux Density
    • Power and Energy
    • Promethean ‘Fire’
  • Aspects of the ‘Synthetic Environment’
    • Materials
    • Water
    • Transportation
    • Energy
    • Space
  • A Future Platform: Nuclear Fusion
    • Nuclear Power: Fission and Fusion
    • Benefits of Fusion
    • New, Unique Applications of Fusion
  • Conclusion

Chapter 4: Financing Regional and National Infrastructure

  • Money vs. Credit
    • Credit and Productivity
    • Invariance of Historical and Modern Examples
    • President Roosevelt’s RFC
  • A Southwest Asia/Africa Regional Infrastructure Bank
    • Cooperation with International Development Banks
  • Public-Private Partnerships Cannot Substitute
  • Appendix: Egypt: Internal financing of development
    • A National Reconstruction and Development Bank
  • Appendix: “LaRouche on Money vs. Credit”

Chapter 5: Demography and Development

  • Case Study: Egypt—Myth of Overpopulation
    • Moving Forward and Outward
    • Egypt Reclaims the Desert
    • The New Nile Valley

Chapter 6: Integration of West Asia with the New Silk Road

  • The Bridge Among Continents
    • Completing the Land-Bridge Westward
    • Proposed Corridors Integrating Arab States
  • A Common Enemy: The Desert
    • Attacking the Desert from the Fertile Crescent
  • Petrochemicals: Industry of the Future
    • Plastics
  • Appendix—Case Study: Syria’s Reconstruction Project Phoenix
    • Financing Reconstruction in a Nation Ruined by War?
    • Physical-Economic Development
    • Syria and the New Silk Road
    • Conclusion

Chapter 7: Africa — Transport Network Integration

  • Colonial Legacy
    • Dependency on Roads
    • Landlocked Nations
    • Turning a Crisis Into an Opportunity
  • A. The Nile Basin and East Africa
    • Creating a Powerful North-South Axis
    • East Africa’s Economic Corridors
  • B. Southern Africa
    • Roads, Rails and Ports in Southern Africa
    • The South African High-Speed Rail Project
    • Gautrain
    • When Will South Africa Convert to Standard Gauge?
    • Africa’s North-South Corridor
    • Africa Tomorrow
  • C. West and Central Africa
    • Fast Track Development Perspective for West and Central Africa
    • Ports Connecting to the BRI
    • Development of West Africa
    • Development of Central Africa
    • Mechanized Agriculture: Africa Can Feed Itself and the Rest of the World
  • D. North Africa
    • Dreams and Setbacks
    • Highway Networks
    • Maghreb Railway Networks
    • Trans-Maghreb High-Speed Rail
    • Morocco Joins the BRI: Tanger-Med Port and Technopolis
    • Algeria Joins, Too!
    • Bridging the Gap Between Europe and Africa

Chapter 8: Africa — Water Resources Development

  • Managing the Water Cycle as a Cycle
    • Category 1: Management of Land Flow
    • Into the Future: How Africa Can Lead the World
    • Category 2: Weather Control
    • Category 3: Desalination of Ocean Water
    • Africa’s Water Future
  • Case study: The Nile Basin
    • The Linear Facts
    • Lost to Evaporation
    • Hydropower, Water Management, Agricultural Development

Chapter 9: To Power Africa, Go Nuclear!

  • Energy Requirements
  • An African Visionary: Diop

Chapter 10: Africa — Food Security: Realizing Africa’s Vast Agricultural Potential

  • Land and Yield
    • China’s Contributions
    • Lake Chad Basin
    • Sudan
  • Commitment to Transformation

Chapter 11: Africa in Space

  • New Space Nations
  • Space as a Driver for Development
    • A World-Class Science Project
  • Case Study — South Africa: Looking to the Heavens to Develop the Continent
    • Scientific Orientation
    • Imagination and Wonder
  • Space Technology Can Support Africa’s Development Goals
    • Working with China and the BRICS

Chapter 12: Conclusions and Recommendations

  • The Political and Economic Context
  • Some Necessary Axiomatic Shifts
    • Recommendation: Understanding Physical Economics
    • Recommendation: Financing Infrastructure
    • Recommendation: Science and Technology
    • Recommendation: Transport
    • Recommendation: Power
    • Recommendation: Water
    • Recommendation: Agriculture

Chapter 13: Selection of Proposed Mega Projects in Africa

  • Pan-African High-Speed Rail Network
  • Regional and Continental Corridors
  • New Suez Canal and Industrial Zone
  • Transaqua: The Centerpiece of Africa’s Development
  • Grand Inga Dam Project
  • Sicily–Tunis Connector — TUNeIT
  • Gibraltar Euro-African Tunnel